What types of work do I do with a work loan?

Wondering what types of work can be financed with a credit works? Discover all the possibilities on Hearts queen.

As the name suggests, the loan works serves to achieve? works! Interior design, extension work, renovation or decoration, you can do everything.

The reason is simple: a loan works works like a New single loan. You borrow a sum that you use freely, according to your needs: purchases of building materials, tools, equipment or even services of building professionals (general contractor, architect, interior designer, etc.)

Ready work or New single loan for small projects

Ready work or personal loan for small projects

If you are considering jobs with a budget of less than 5,000, Hearts queen offers you a revolving credit. You do not provide any proof of work, only the classic proof of your identity, your home and your income. For a standard home, this budget should cover your needs for decoration, interior painting or household appliances.

When your needs are bigger, and the budget is over 5,000, you can apply for a loan. You can finance the renovation of a bathroom, your kitchen, or finance your decor.

Up to £ 8,000, the Hearts queen Loan Works is a classic New single loan whose repayment can be spread over a longer period than the New single loan (up to 72 months).

Ready work for major development projects

Ready work for major development projects

For much larger financing needs, exceeding $ 8,000, you can also benefit from a work loan. From 8,000 to 15,000?, The repayment term can reach 84 months. Beyond 15,000? (and up to 75,000?), it can last up to 120 months.

These amounts make it possible, for example, to finance a roof renovation, to finance an extension of a house, or the development of the attic.

In summary, you can imagine all types of work, credit terms will simply vary according to your budget.

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