Grant Payday Loans in Poland

Credither is a Lithuanian loan company that also operates on the British market. In 2014, she began to grant loans of payday loans to customers in Poland. Entering the market, the company started with a flourish introducing 2 promotions: the first money borrowed within 7 days can be returned without any additional costs. In addition, if we fail to pay back the loan on time, we have the option of extending it by 30 days, and we will get another five for free. As if that wasn’t enough, on your birthday all payday pay will be reduced by 50%. The application process is very simple and consists of only three steps. In the case of positive verification for money we will wait a maximum of 15 minutes. The site in pink colors catches the eye and cheers, we are not afraid that after 30 days we have to pay back 26.5% more.

Credither – does not check in BIK

Credither - does not check in BIK

21 to 65 years old will receive the instant credit in Credither. All we have to do is transfer one penny to verify our data and positively pass the analysis of our ability, Credither, in addition to its own scoring system, uses external databases of debtors such as KRD, BIG, ERIF, but does not check the clients in the BIK database , it is good information for customers who had problems with banking products. Due to the fact that Credither is a new loan company, it carefully disposes of its money, which is why the number of rejected loans is greater than the competition. This does not mean that if we did not receive payday pay at another company, we will not get it here.

Credither – verification method

Credither - verification method

Each company has its own verification method and emphasizes different parameters: for example, one company prefers clients working in the financial industry and another in the public sector. Much also depends on the clients he has in his portfolio, if he has granted loans to older clients, he may at some point prefer younger borrowers to “rejuvenate” the base. The same can apply to the form of employment, relationship status, number of children, or even gender. That is why, despite the refusal in one company, we often have a good chance of getting a loan from a competitor. The optimal method is to submit 3 loan inquiries. If it fails 3 times, it means that we don’t have creditworthiness anymore.

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