Can I take loans online without certificates?

Loans online without certificates? Even at the beginning of the 21st century, few thought about it. It was difficult to imagine the process of taking a loan other than by leaving the house, going to the branch of the institution, filling out a pile of documents, and then waiting for a long time for the loan decision.

Those times are gone, now most of the financial obligations are incurred before the computer screens in our homes. The comfort of using such solutions is also increased by the lower and lower requirements of lenders towards us, customers. They offer us loans on attractive terms, declare that they will not check us in BIK … And do they also give you the opportunity to take out a loan online without certificates? Let’s find out.

Non-bank companies return with an online loan offer without certificates

Non-bank companies return with an online loan offer without certificates

The popularity of cash loans is increasing every year. For many years Poles were very distrustful about loan companies’ offers, thinking that they were extorting and deceiving their clients. All the guilty lenders who actually used such practices, taking advantage of the ignorance of people and guided by the vision of fast and large income. More customers left with him, and it was difficult for these new enterprises to rebuild their trust. This stage is already behind us, as evidenced by the growing number of loan company advertisements broadcast on television.

If they can afford this type of promotion, they must have a substantial budget, and it does not come from nowhere. More and more companies offer free payday loans (if we settle the debt on time, the first time we use the services of the lender we pay him exactly as much as we borrowed, without interest and commissions), but others charge appropriate fees.

They also earn from verbal clients who fail to comply with the terms of the contract and fail to pay their debts on time. Whoever has ever seen through their eyes the table of fees and commissions of any loan company knows that these are really significant sums. It turns out that for few borrowers this is an obstacle – most are aware of the risk. However, it is more important to get the cash you need quickly and easily, regardless of the consequences.

Payday loans online – why so popular?


The great advantage of payday loans is that all formalities have been kept to a minimum, and it only takes a few to several minutes to complete them. This is one of the main reasons why customers come to banks less and less often, especially if they need an amount not exceeding several thousand zlotys. Saving time here is combined with another argument – when applying for payday pay, you don’t even have to leave the house. All formalities can be done from your computer or smartphone at any time.

The only drawback is that if we send a loan request late in the evening, we will receive the decision the next day. But … is this really a disadvantage? Even if we think of it as such, we get instant transfer time for consolation. Just a few hours to get the money on our account.

Do non-bank companies really offer loans without certification?


The second advantage relates to income certificates. Loan companies simply don’t require them. Thanks to this, the whole application process is shortened, and we do not have to inform the employer about our plans. However, we must remember that the lack of the need to provide such a document does not mean that our lender is not interested in our financial situation at all.

If that were the case, he would not put on his website the form that we must complete. Complementing it, we are required to indicate the type of our employment and the income we receive – whether it comes from pay at work, from an allowance, or perhaps from another source.

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